Welcome to Jolles Insurance. For 30 years our focus has been on protecting individuals, families, employers, employees and executives.  We offer both group and individual coverage for health insurance, life, disability, long term care and other financial services. 

We provide solutions to filling in the gaps that occur when income stops due to death, disability and retirement.As an independent insurance agency, we represent the most competitive products and services available.  We personalize our planning to meet each client's unique goals and objectives. 

Add 30 years of experience, our trademark service, holistic planning process, HR support tools and our commitment to wellness and we become one of your most valued advisors.  

 It is our greatest priority that our clients be prepared for life's challenges.  While having the right protection and proper planning in place is the priority, our commitment extends well beyond this.  We educate our clients on prevention and we are committed to helping our clients protect the most important asset they have, their health status. To this end, we are a proactive leader in promoting wellness.  We are committed to protecting our clients today, tomorrow and for life.


To protect lives and assets through insurance and financial services and to provide exemplary services from the moment you entrust us as your advisor.  We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you. We are committed to protecting you, our client, today, tomorrow and for life.


         Lisa Jolles is frequently called upon by WBAL News where there are timely healthcare issues.   Jolles Insurance prides itself on being up to date on issues that matter to our clients. 

7/2017 - Lisa responds on Channel 11 News, about the recent dispute between Carefirst and Anne Arundel Medical Center.  This has since been settled.